Join Co-Founder of ALM, Darrin Foster as he gives good insight to handling, obtaining and choosing a financial mortgage plan that makes sense for you. Darrin is part of the team of ATX (Ask The Experts) of the KLZ 560 AM Radio Show.klz-am-logo       KLZ has assembled industry leaders to provide answers to life’s most important questions regarding Real Estate transactions, Estate Planning, VA Benefits, Health & Wellness, Dentistry, Mortgages (forward and reverse), Personal Finance, Investing and Government.  The experts they’ve gathered are all exceptional is their field and they are eager to pass their knowledge and insights on to you! Monday:  2:30-3pm  Minimize Your Mortgage with Darrin Foster  Cofounder of American Liberty Mortgage “To Infortmation, Education, and Inspiration of Your Financial Literacy” 303-458-3778 Tuesday 2-3pm The Barry & Larry Real Estate Show with Barry Miller & Larry Stanley Sponsored by Miller Stanley Real Estate Barry & Larry demystify the real estate industry in order to make you (the consumer) a more educated and savvy Real Estate Buyer or Seller. 303-888-3788  
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