The providing of basic needs towards self-sufficiency.

“The Action Center’s mission is to provide an immediate response to basic human needs and promote pathways to self-sufficiency for Jefferson County residents and the homeless.” – The Action Center

Self-Select Grocery

Clothing Bank

Personal Care Items

Household Items

Outreach Partners

Jeffco Action Center, Inc. provides essential stabilizing services to the people in Jefferson County who are in danger of becoming homeless, or attempting to move out of homelessness. People can receive assistance with a five-day supply of food, clothing for the whole family, necessary household items and medical care.


Rachel Pugh Reyes

Rachel Pugh Reyes

Sr. Loan Advisor

NMLS# 941993

Work Phone: 303-458-3778

Cell Phone: 720-244-2828
Work Fax: 720-204-5559

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